Void Rot - Descending Pillars CD

Void Rot - Descending Pillars CD

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1. Descending Pillars 08:33
2. Upheaval 03:30
3. Liminal Forms 06:30
4. Delusions Of Flesh 06:04
5. Inversion 05:02
6. The Weight Of A Thousand Suns 01:08
7. Monolith (Descending Pillars Pt. II) 06:50

Uprising US Death Doom titans Void Rot will finally land their debut full length upon mankind after an EP and a split with Atavisma.
Ominous. Threatening. Crushing.

Void Rot from Minneapolis MN, USA, formed in 2017 with influences from the glorious progenitors of majestic, atmospheric and slow moving death metal like Winter, Rippikoulu and diSEMBOWELMENT, as well as newer entries within the genre such as Krypts, Spectral Voice and Sempiternal Dusk. Void Rot weave light and darkness seamlessly and with unseen mastery, evoking atmospheres of unparalleled vastness that alternate majestically between sidereal and contemplative psychedelia, and visceral and bludgeoning heaviness.
After 2 generally acclaimed works, an EP and a Split w/ Atavisma, they are finally ready to unleash their anticipated first album!

For fans of Incantation, Spectral Voice, Mortiferum and Krypts.
released September 11, 2020

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording.
Mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios.
Music and lyrics by JH.
Guitar solo on "Monolith" by Alex Walstad.
Album artwork by Timo Ketola.
Inner artwork by Misanthropic Art.
Layout by Giorgio Spevo.

JH - Guitars, Vocals, Synths
KS - Guitars
CC - Bass
WB - Drums