Venomous Skeleton - Drowning in Circles CD

Venomous Skeleton - Drowning in Circles CD

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1. Dawn Of The Beholders 00:58
2. Divine Realm Of Existence 02:51
3. Tomb Of The Restless Soul 03:23
4. Alevas San Tatiana Aleli 04:56
5. Chalice To The Other World 04:01
6. Taste The Celestial Blood 05:44
7. Curse Of The Moon 03:37
8. Hallucinogenic Sulfuric Mantra 03:58
9. Drowning In Circles 06:24

Born from the filthiest rib of Sonne Adam, Venomous Skeleton unleashes one of the darkest and most funereal albums of the year.
"Drowning In Circles" is the band debut full length, a huge and promising step-up from the previous effort with 9 new tracks graced by an extraordinary artwork by founder ND, a quintessential guide to sheer, eerie, aggressive, obscure Death Metal.
"Drowning In Circles" will make you sink in the Horrid Sea.

Venomous Skeleton was incepted in Tel Aviv/Israel during the year 2016.
Late 2016 the band independently spawned the demo "Arcane Chants Of Death" also released on a one sided 12” in 2017 by Ván Records. The band played shows in Israel and a couple of iconic festivals in Germany (Acherontic Arts & Chaos Descends) warming up for the release of the long awaited debut album "Drowning In Circles".

For fans of Grave Miasma, Demonomancy and Necros Christos.
released April 17, 2020

Recorded at Dmusic
Mixed by CD
Mastering by TC at Forneus Studios
Artwork and Layout by ND

ND - Guitars/Vocals
TD - Drums
CD - Bass