Unurnment - Spiritual Penury CD

Unurnment - Spiritual Penury CD

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1. Autogenous Punishment 04:05
2. Inevitable Suffering 05:55
3. An Eternity Of Regrets Deified 04:13


From the restless mind of metal/hardcore obsessive and Primal Rite guitarist Fred Avila comes UNURNMENT, a twisted new entry in the macrocosm of technical death metal...

UNURNMENT's debut EP, “Spiritual Penury” delivers pure punishment, combining early death metal's ferocity and catchiness with a calculated blasting barbarism firmly rooted in classic late 90s brutal death metal. Labyrinthine riffs and gut churning chromatic musicality conjure an overarching darkness while guttural vocals bark thoughtful terror filled lyrics outlining the fear of loss, living (and dying) in contrition, and the horrors of the human mind. 14 minutes of original and unsettling death metal.

FFO: Deeds Of Flesh, Severed Savior, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Defeated Sanity, Cenotaph (MX), Cenotaph (TR)