Turris Eburnea - Turris Eburnea CD

Turris Eburnea - Turris Eburnea CD

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1. Unified Fields 05:14
2. Cotard Delusion 04:24
3. Syncretism Incarnate 05:16
4. Malachite Mountains 05:19

Twisting and mind warping death metal with members of Cosmic Putrefaction and Krallice.

"...Memory fades and time seems to stretch into a slow infinity, an emotional or existential dissociation, a mind/body separation, a disappearance of individuality into an undifferentiated mass... Like a post apocalyctic world suspended in an ethereal silence"

Turris Eburnea is an experimental Death Metal duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction, The Clearing Path, Summit) and bassist Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Geryon, Edenic Past, ex-Castevet).
Conceived and raised during the Covid-19 silent and desolating confinement periods, this self titled 4 tracks EP is the first spawn of the band.

For fans of Gorguts, Artificial Brain, StarGazer, Dead Congregation