Torn In Half - Crawling From The Abyss cassette

Torn In Half - Crawling From The Abyss cassette

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  1. Dead Or Severely Injured
  2. Gruesome Discovery
  3. Tomb Juice
  4. Sickening Panic
  5. Comfort Of A Coffin (feat. Patrick McDonagh of Mutilatred)

Torn In Half is a Boston based Death Metal band forming in late 2020, picking up pace quickly dropping the 4 song demo “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” via Redefining Darkness Records and the single “Incineration Of Existence” off the 4 song split “Funerary Exhumation” w/ Maul, Path to War, and Hanging Fortress.

Leaving a wake of destruction in its path all across the country until now with the release of their newest EP “Crawling From The Abyss” from Night Shift & Terminus Hate City.

Torn in Half unleash their inner demons into 5 songs so pissed off and powerful it forces you to want more and more like a drug so addicting it will inevitably lead to your death.

Cassette limited to 200 copies. Comes with digital download on release date. Vinyl available from Terminus Hate City.