Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I 12”

Mournful Congregation - The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I 12”

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1. Mountainous Shadows, Cast Through Time 14:05
2. The Exuviae of Gods 07:11
3. An Epic Dream Of Desire 15:47

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Australia’s ageless kings of Extreme Doom Mournful Congregation return for the first time since 2018’s monumental ‘The Incubus Of Karma’ album. Now in 2022 comes ‘The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I’, the first in a two part EP series to bridge the gap between full length albums.

Perhaps known equally for the colossal length of their songs as much as their evocative and somber magnificence, an EP for Mournful Congregation amounts to a sprawling 3 tracks over 37 minutes in length. Two new tracks, the lachrymose funereal dirge ‘Mountainous Shadows, Cast Through Time’ and the largely acoustic reflective dream of ‘The Exuviae Of Gods’ present the ongoing expansion of the Mournful Congregation universe. And lastly the band has revisited and re-recorded one of their oldest tracks dating all the way back to their 1995 demo days with ‘An Epic Dream Of Desire’.

Over a discography spanning three decades the towering legacy of Mournful Congregation in the metal underground is unassailable and ‘The Exuviae Of Gods - Part I’ is another brick in their timeless ongoing bequest bestowed upon this mortal coil.