Maze Of Sothoth - Soul Demise CD

Maze Of Sothoth - Soul Demise CD

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1. Cthulhu's Calling 01:50
2. Lies 05:16
3. Seed Of Hatred 03:19
4. Multiple Eyes 04:36
5. The Outsider 05:35
6. The Dark Passenger 04:41
7. At The Mountain Of Madness 05:03
8. Blind 03:55
9. Azzaihg'nimehc 01:53
10. Divine Sacrifice 03:45

The DEATH METAL juggernaut you have always asked for, a lovecraftian whirlwind of fierceness and nameless demons. Italian finest Death Metal commando at their debut mixing new and old-school together.

For fans of Morbid Angel, Vomitory, Sinister and Deranged.
released January 9, 2017

All Music by Fabio Marasco except “Multiple Eyes”, “The Dark Passenger”, “The Outsider” and “Blind” by Fabio Marasco and Matteo Moioli, “Azzaihg’ Nimehc” by Fabio Marasco and Riccardo Rubini.
All lyrics by Fabio Marasco except “Seed of Hatred” by Fabio Marasco and Cristiano Marchesi, “At the Mountain of Madness” and “The Outsider” by Cristiano Marchesi.
Arrangements by Maze of Sothoth.
Produced By David Zampini.
Recorded and Mixed by David Zampini at “A Mano Armata Dischi”.
Drums Recorded by David Zampini & Marco Preziosa at “Cool Blue Studio”.
Logo by Mark Riddick.
Artwork by Ivory Giulia Croce.

Fabio Marasco - Guitars, Synth
Matteo Moioli - Drums
Cristiano Marchesi - Bass, Vocals
Riccardo Rubini - Guitars