Maze Of Sothoth - Extirpated Light CD

Maze Of Sothoth - Extirpated Light CD

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1. The Unspeakable 03:12
2. Eliminate Contamination 03:34
3. The Revocation Dogma 04:03
4. Blood Tribute 05:50
5. Blasphemous Ritual 03:36
6. The Plague 02:48
7. Parallel Evolution 03:32
8. Sanctae Inqvisitionis 05:08
9. Scorn Of Flesh 04:19

MAZE OF SOTHOTH are back on track expanding the magma of distinctive elements that characterized their debut with an even wider and deeper approach, fusing tightness and brutality with uncanny and eerie passages in a unique malicious concoction. The 9 tracks in 'Extirpated Light' are showing us a mature 4-piece that is not afraid of wielding a wide range of weapons and thus leave a mark.

Founded by Fabio (now in Beheaded as well) in Bergamo/Italy in January 2009, the initial sound fused massive influences from Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Dying Fetus, Nile and Slayer. In August 2010 Matteo joined the band and in January 2011, Maze Of Sothoth recorded their first demo "Guardian of the Gate". After that, the band recruited Cristiano as singer/bass player and Riccardo on guitars.
That line-up wrapped in 2017 the acclaimed debut album "Soul Demise" and prepared during the whole 2022 what will be now unleashed as "Extirpated Light".Drums Recorded by David Zampini & Marco Preziosa at “Cool Blue Studio”.

Logo by Mark Riddick.
Artwork by Ivory Giulia Croce.

Fabio Marasco - Guitars, Synth
Matteo Moioli - Drums
Cristiano Marchesi - Bass, Vocals
Riccardo Rubini - Guitars