Lord Gore - Scalpels For Blind Surgeons CD

Lord Gore - Scalpels For Blind Surgeons CD

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1. Planet Of Forgotten Flesh 04:02
2. The Deformer 06:30
3. Incubation Sickness 03:02
4. Lord Of The Flies 03:51
5. Daudiskegg 03:25
6. Spare Parts 02:05
7. The Crawling 04:36
8. Million Maggot March 02:55
9. Reborn In The Blood Of My Enemies 05:00
10. Entheogenocide 02:34
11. Attack Of The Stem Cell Junkies 04:25

Featuring former and current members from Engorged, Frightmare, Ritual Necromancy, Blood Freak, Fornicator and Torture Rack, legendary Gory Death Grind combo LORD GORE have shaped their third album right 15 years after their previous "Resickened" adding a strong filthy old school death metal vibe to their renowned death grind formula!
Angry thoughts. Angry Ideas. Angry Music. Themes range from Alien torture serial killer artists to Vengeful, Viking LichLords and genetic scavengers.

Lord Gore was formed in 1998-1999, by members of Thy Infernal, Engorged and Wraithen with the goal to make an Autopsy/Impetigo/Carcass styled Grind Death Metal demo over a weekend drewing thematic influences from Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation movies as well as Hentai, comedy films, pulp/fantasy horror literature and comic books.
They had so much fun that they decided to give it more life and complexity, resulting in the release of "The Autophagous Orgy" (2002) and then "Resickened" (2004) which took the sound and themes more into Dark sci-fi and body horror than the previous violence, sex and gore oriented material.
In 2018, 14 years after "Resickened" and after many years of hiatus the band came back with the critically acclaimed "Cronenberg" Demo and in 2019, as the world of humanity threatens to tear civilization apart with religion, corruption and tyranny... Lord Gore answer with "Scalpels For Blind Surgeons".
This newest offering has many sounds, old and new, while maintaining the band's trademark ferocity and raw, classic death and grind flavor.

For fans of Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Impetigo and Rigor Mortis.
released August 9, 2019

Scalpels for Blind Surgeons was recorded and mixed during March and April of 2019 by Charlie Koryn at Underworld Studios.
Mastered during May 2019 by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studios.
Cover Art by Alex Tartsus Art Studios.

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