Konquest - Time And Tyranny 12”

Konquest - Time And Tyranny 12”

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1. Relativity
2. Time And Tyranny
3. Something In The Dark
4. The Light That Fades Again
5. A Place I Call Home
6. The Traveller
7. Enter The Warrior
8. Warrior From A Future World

Formed in 2019 and based in Italy, KONQUEST released the debut album "The Night Goes On" in 2021.

KONQUEST didn’t lose time and recorded a new album quickly, just like heavy metal bands were doing in the ‘80s. In the new album "Time and Tyranny", KONQUEST keep the passionate NWOBHM-worship and HEAVY LOAD-inspired elements alongside a variety of influences from THIN LIZZY to TANK and IRON MAIDEN, adding their own character to an album that brings back '80s and old-school heavy metal originality and magic.

And while the new album is entirely recorded by Alex Rossi, KONQUEST performed as a band for the first time at Up The Hammers Festival 2022 surprising the audience, and they will also be part of the Keep It True Rising II Festival, a few days before the new album’s release date, in a billing including bands such as SAXON and other NWOBHM legends that have influenced and inspired KONQUEST to present their honest and passionate heavy metal. “Time And Tyranny” is a traditional heavy metal album you listen from start to finish, again and again.