Herxheim - Incised Arrival (Digi) CD

Herxheim - Incised Arrival (Digi) CD

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1. Wanton of Idols 06:45
2. Lesson Crescent 05:57
3. Branded by Pentagram 07:22
4. Chateaux Delirium 07:20
5. Eve's Rampike 01:41
6. Warrior Master Lore 07:42


Conjured from the ashes of HOWLS OF EBB by sole member Brungard, HERXHEIM return with their first full-length album, "Incised Arrival".
A direct descendant of the "Cultivating Throne of Fur" demo (2019), "Incised Arrival" unravels further into a heavier and more concise form of its near-relative. In this 37-minute display of gut-punching raw power, wicked melodies slither in and out of slow to mid-paced and faster compositions where nothing is forced or superfluous.

The sound of the album is quite natural, but wild; one foot rooted circa 86'-93', the other hammers chest right to the present. The guitars scream and scratch machine-like, while Brungard offers a treacherous, powerful vocal performance. The howling resonance of keyboards, combined with brutal drum and bass guitar play, gel into this single unit of hammered deliverance.
Lyrically, Brungard explains, "this album thematically follows the demo. It centers around the human condition, each song is a 'Mephistic Fable', tales of warning and wrath."

The prowess and vigor of these 6 songs deliver the message well: this is indeed Mephistic Black Doom Metal for the wretched soul.