Folterkammer - Weibermach 12”

Folterkammer - Weibermach 12”

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1. Anno Domina

2. Leck Mich
3. Die Unterwerfung
4. Kuess mir die Fuesse
5. Algolagnia
6. Herrin der Schwerter
7. Das Peitschengedicht
8. Venus In Furs (Cover Version)

Founded in New York around 2018/2019, Folterkammer, or “Torture Chamber,” is the operatic black metal outfit that is redefining modern music. This ingenious band seamlessly fuses beauty with brutality. A combination of raw passion and technique contributes to the epic nature of Folterkammer’s dark art. Their work is both nostalgic and remarkably fresh. Yes, Folterkammer fuses various musical traditions and genres to craft an unparalleled experience.

Check out the lyric video for "Das Peitschengedicht" HERE!