DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"
DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"
DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"
DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"
DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"
DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"

DevilDriver - Dealing With Demons II 12"

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*** Band exclusive clear vinyl limited to 300 worldwide ***

1 – I Have no Pity
2 – Mantra
3 – Nothing Lasts Forever
4 – Summoning
5 – Through the Depths
6 – Bloodbath
7 – It's a Hard Truth
8 – If Blood is Life
9 – This Relationship Broken

DEVILDRIVER didn’t pause, releasing the highly-acclaimed first installment of their two-part Dealing With Demons
saga, Dealing With Demons I. International media mainstays like Revolver, Metal Hammer, Kerrang and
Consequence lauded the album, with Blabbermouth adding, “If the second half of this mammoth endeavor matches
the first, this will be remembered as a pivotal moment in the DEVILDRIVER story.” And now, as society emerges
more hardened and determined than before, so does DEVILDRIVER’s 10th full-length, Dealing With Demons Vol.
II. Once again produced and engineered by Steve Evetts with additional engineering from guitarist Mike Spreitzer,
Dealing With Demons Vol. II is inarguably heavier and relentlessly harsher than its predecessor. Dealing With
Demons Vol. II represents not only the most vicious of the two records, but also the darkest recesses of iconic
frontman Dez Fafara’s psyche and the final purging of his demons that have long haunted the band’s music. Track
one, “I Have No Pity”, instantly keeps fans guessing with its contrasting, marching rhythmic groove and Dez
Fafara’s icy, earworm warnings. The album’s standout production immediately shines, with the track’s thick riffs,
haunting leads, room-filling drums and Fafara’s vocal prowess leading the way. Eerie, insistent “Mantra” drops a
wave of melodic aggression on the listener, instantly inducing headbanging with its breakneck pace and occult
lyricism. Dynamic tracks like “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “Summoning” cascade with alternating passages of
sinister riffage and memorable chants, while extraordinary highlights like devastatingly grim “Through The Depths”
– with its black metal-esque passages, deft guitar play and menacing lyricism – showcase the evolution of
DEVILDRIVER in the new decade. “Bloodbath” is as brutal as its name suggests, ominously bending and
pummeling with immediate aggression, as “It’s a Hard Truth” continues the onslaught, cautioning against delusion
amid balanced melodic leads. Closer anthems “If Blood Is Life” and “This Relationship Broken” are the blood-
soaked cherries atop Dealing With Demons Vol. II, bringing together all of the elements that make DEVILDRIVER
the best at their craft. If there is any question as to whether DEVILDRIVER is slowing down any time soon, Dealing
With Demons Vol. II proves that 20 years into their career, even with their demons in tow – they move forward at
the forefront of metal.