Demiurgon - The Oblivious Lure CD

Demiurgon - The Oblivious Lure CD

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1. Tsantsas 02:32
2. Kapalikas 05:26
3. ...Dèi Dimenticati 05:15
4. Il Culto Cannibale 05:24
5. Profezia Di Una Specie Morente 05:34
6. The Oblivious Lure 05:00
7. Teatro Del Coito 05:04
8. The Day Dawn Came Twice 05:40

Demiurgon return with their sophomore full length with their blend of unique technical and brutal riffing and groovy moments to break the faster pace of their brilliant song structures.
Featuring members from Unbirth.

Demiurgon is an italian death metal band born in 2015 from the ashes of a previous band called Hatred. The first full lenght album titled "Above The Unworthy", has been mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studios by Saul Morabito
Demiurgon aim is to produce quality death metal.

For fans of Beheaded, Cattle Decapitation, Origin and Monstrosity.