Black Hole Deity - Lair Of Xenolich CD

Black Hole Deity - Lair Of Xenolich CD

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1. Razed Earth Edict 04:22
2. Railgun Combat 03:28
3. Hypersleep Dementia 01:48
4. Multiverse Incantations 04:09
5. Lair Of Xenolich 03:02

Members of Chaos Inception and Malignancy join forces to unleash a new crushing ensamble! Black Hole Deity are purveyors of old school mastery yet sounding modern and tight. This is Death Metal, period.

Black Hole Deity is an all-new supernatural and sci-fi-themed death metal band formed by Cam Pinkerton and Chris White, co-founders of cult death metal band Chaos Inception. Cam recruited Alec Cordero from Los Angeles, CA, from the death metal bands Cruelty Exalted and Calcemia to handle lead guitar duties and finally got none other than Mike Heller of Malignancy, Fear Factory, and Raven to handle the drum duties.
On top of Mike Heller's relentless drumming and Chris White's flesh-searing vocals, Alec Cordero's 80's shred/fusion jazz style solo adds a refreshing twist to contrast the song's otherwise dark and brutal atmosphere.
After the first single, in which it was clear the intent to melt old-school approaches with forward-thinking riffage inspired by Formulas-era Morbid Angel & Despise the Sun-era Suffocation (to name a few) the band started shaping the 5-song EP you are hearing right now, progressive yet dark and brutal.

For fans of Morbid Angel, Azarath, Mithras, Hate Eternal, Vader.