Void Rot / Atavisma - Split CD

Void Rot / Atavisma - Split CD

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1. Atavisma - Speared Lungs 03:45
2. Atavisma - Mold Upheaval 06:09
3. Atavisma - Dread 05:24
4. Void Rot - Ritual Invocation 03:38
5. Void Rot - Necrotic Deity 06:18
6. Void Rot - Accursed Earth 06:07

Atavisma & Void Rot, two of the strongest and youngest entities in Death/Doom right now join forces in a vortex of Death and Darkness and prepare the field for the release of their respective full albums.

Atavisma was formed in 2013 by G. and L. After the first demos and intense tour activity between France and Spain the band entered the studio to record their debut album "The Chtonic Rituals".
The band, strongly influenced by the old school swedish sound and the riffage of the NYDM scene, add to the mix their own take of doom and dissonances to create an unique sound and dreadful sonic landscapes.

Void Rot from Minneapolis MN, USA, formed in 2017 with influences from the glorious progenitors of majestic, atmospheric and slow moving death metal like Winter, Rippikoulu and diSEMBOWELMENT, as well as newer entries within the genre such as Krypts, Spectral Voice and Sempiternal Dusk. Void Rot weave light and darkness seamlessly and with unseen mastery, evoking atmospheres of unparalleled vastness that alternate majestically between sidereal and contemplative psychedelia, and visceral and bludgeoning heaviness.

For fans of Incantation, Disma, Spectral Voice and Krypts.
released February 7, 2020

All Atavisma songs written by G. in February 2019. All lyrics written by L. All arrangements by Atavisma.
Recorded in May 2019 at Nidstang Studio, France, by Angus Schieber and Giorgio Tskhadadze.
Mixed and Mastered in Summer 2019 by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios, USA.
Produced by Damian Herring and Giorgio Tskhadadze.

All Void Rot songs and lyrics written by John Hancock.
Recorded in June 2019 at Signaturetone Recording by Adam Tucker.
Mixed and mastered at Subterranean Watchtower Studios by Damian Herring.

Artwork by Misanthropic Art.

Atavisma are:
L. - Vocals, Lyrics
G. - Guitars, Lyrics
J.B. - Bass
G.D. - Drums

Void Rot are:
John Hancock - Guitars, Vocals
Kent Sklarow - Guitars
Will Bell - Drums
Craig Clemons - Bass