The Black Dahlia Murder - Servitude: Tempest board game *PRE-ORDER*

The Black Dahlia Murder - Servitude: Tempest board game *PRE-ORDER*

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A stirring feeling compels you towards the void... Servitude: Tempest is a fast paced 2-4 player board game developed based on the ideas and art of The Black Dahlia Murder's Servitude album cover by Italian painter Paolo Girardi (Power Trip, Cryptopsy, Revocation). Race your boats across storming sea lanes while risking unpredictable currents, strong winds & inevitable shipwrecks. Each turn dice rolls, current tiles, and other players in your path can trigger actions that can hinder, advance, or stall your progress towards the unknown abyss. 

Perfectly timed to play while listening to the Servitude album at 2-3 songs per match. The game is easy to learn and has endless replay value. The more players the more exciting the game.

First player to make it to reach the target... wins?


  • 24"x24" board
  • 6-sided die w/ custom face
  • 4 boat player tokens
  • rule book
  • 12.25"x12.25"x2.25" box


  • players: 2-4
  • average gameplay: 7-15 minutes
  • ages: 7+
  • language: English

Concept by The Black Dahlia Murder. Game design by Karim Peter for Night Shift. Board design by Jason Carne. Art by Paolo Girardi. 

*please note the game is entering production at time of pre-order release and images may not be final*