Wayfarer - American Gothic CD

Wayfarer - American Gothic CD

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1. The Thousand Tombs Of Western Promise 07:11
2. The Cattle Thief 09:06
3. Reaper On The Oilfields 04:14
4. To Enter My House Justified 05:12
5. A High Plains Eulogy 03:54
6. 1934 01:25
7. Black Plumes Over God's Country 05:46
8. False Constellation 06:59

WAYFARER is the pre-eminent Western American Metal band. Comprised of four black clad players from Denver, Colorado, the band’s sound draws from the deep wells of black metal, gothic country, and americana - creating a thunderous and uniquely American genre of metal all to their own.

After ten years of existence, the band presents AMERICAN GOTHIC - a defining statement of Western heavy music that explores the dark soul of the nation itself. This time working alongside accomplished producer Arthur Rizk (Eternal Champion, Kreator) the band brings an aggressive and expansive vision to life in a new full length LP.

Led by powerful riffing, bleak melodic sensibilities, and pointed songwriting, this record serves as a funeral for the American dream. Caked in dust, and buried deep in blood and gunpowder, it paints a brutal and beautiful portrait, and sees WAYFARER elevate their unique and genuine brand of metal to new heights.

AMERICAN GOTHIC, the band’s fifth official release, is their third album with longtime partners Profound Lore Records in North America and first for Century Media in Europe. The album releases worldwide in the fall of 2023, and will see the band ride across stages the world round to tell its tales.

“What we have now is a world full of oil drillers, and railroad barons. Cattle thieves and company men. This is the new American Gothic.”