The 69 Eyes - Death Of Darkness CD

The 69 Eyes - Death Of Darkness CD

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1 Death Of Darkness 3
2 Drive 
3 Gotta Rock
4 This Murder Takes Two Featuring [Feat.] – Kat Von D
5 California 
6 Call Me Snake 
7 Dying In The Night 
8 Something Real 
9 Sundown 
10 Outlaws 

"The 69 Eyes intentions are made clear from the very start with the title track. Where strong melody meets their moody goth sound, and the chorus makes the body shake. It’s a killer start and leads nicely into the more energised rocking sound of Drive, the pop-infused ambient catchiness of Gotta Rock, and the goth-ballad This Murder Takes Two. Which just so happens to feature Kat Von D on guest vocals.

You certainly can’t accuse The 69 Eyes of not having variety in their sound after hearing the first section of this album.

So, when they do revert to rock and roll type, it doesn’t sound so stale. Which is exactly what they do with the anthemic California and the sleazy heavier groove of Call Me Snake. The 69 Eyes at their most familiar and enchanting.

Speaking of which, the pairing of Dying in the Night and Something Real are the exemplification of The 69 Eyes dramatic goth and moody melodies. Yet, like so much of what they do, they are both undeniably catchy. Then there is Sundown, which is infectious goth rock heaven. Before the album closes out with the surprisingly expansive and imaginative Outlaws. All the good things about The 69 Eyes’ sound but taken to deeper, darker, and more creative areas.

It’s a strong finish to an album that will delight the fans as it doesn’t take to many risks. Which isn’t a complaint as when The 69 Eyes are on form, no-one is touching them when it comes to gloomy goth rock." - Carl Fisher