Kommodus - Demo 1: Will To Dominate All Life CD

Kommodus - Demo 1: Will To Dominate All Life CD

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1. Chant of thy Ancestors Lupine 01:53
2. Wolves of Rome 05:14
3. The Dreaming God 05:20
4. Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald 05:01
5. Spiritual Sickness and the Suffering Soul 04:38
6. War (Burzum) 02:33
7. In the Banquet Hall of the Mighty Wulfīnaz King 01:32

High quality 6 panels digipack with original vinyl layout.

The bitter catharsis and dark ancient reveries that comprise this demonstration were recorded in the winter of MMXVII in multiple locations across the southern dominions of the empire.

Our societies are increasingly becoming homogenised, globalised parodies of their former selves. The privileged are so insular and steeped in contemporary rhetoric that they’re blind to the basic truths of our existence. The zenith of humanity has been reached and is now but forgotten words in forgotten books. Every day our contaminated planet moves closer towards its inevitable oblivion, and I am glad.
Lepidus Plague despises the current zeitgeist and vehemently supports the extinction of the human species and all traces of its rancid legacy.