Birdflesh - Sickness In The North CD
Birdflesh - Sickness In The North CD
Birdflesh - Sickness In The North CD
Birdflesh - Sickness In The North CD

Birdflesh - Sickness In The North CD

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1. Gorespring 01:35
2. Lavatory Sickness 00:28
3. Hammer Smashed Japanese Face 00:58
4. Mongolations Of Desolation 01:51
5. Chained To The Wok 01:03
6. Welcome To The Jungle Rot 00:54
7. Megalomaniac 00:57
8. Funeral Orgy 01:59
9. Chainsaw Frenzy 01:47
10. Bombraid Bonanza 01:27
11. I Will Never Rot 01:22
12. Amputee Admiration 02:00
13. Incest Melodies 00:36
14. Balcony Piss 00:42
15. One Tooth Misery 00:18
16. Lose the Arise 00:57
17. Natural Born Filler 01:40
18. Crazy Pit 01:26
19. Fat Pigs 01:09
20. All The Ages 00:24
21. Pedophile Pal 00:39
22. All Inclusive 01:27
23. Alive To Lose 01:14

Scandinavian torch-bearers of grim and frostbitten grindcore are back with 23 new tracks of uncompromised and unpredictably frozen extravaganza! Are you ready for such a blizzard?

Formed in Växjö in 1992, Birdflesh is one of the craziest and long lasting grindcore acts around. Their take on grindcore is filled with strong thrashy influences, wacky lyrics and a funny atmosphere overall.
Over the years the band released a huge amount of music, consisting in 4 full lenght albums and countless Demos, Splits and EPs, but being so prolific has never been an issue for Birdflesh as their material was, and is, always above the bar.
As they gained the status of “cult band” in the grindcore scene, the live activity took the band on the greatest stages for extreme metal, such as Obscene Extreme Festival, Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic Deathfest and many more. There is nothing in this world like Birdflesh!

For fans of Macabre, Municipal Waste, Ghoul, Immortal.

Released April 21, 2023