Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp 12”

Gravesend - Gowanus Death Stomp 12”

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1. Deranged 01:26
2. 11414 02:20
3. Even a Worm Will Turn 02:29
4. Festering in Squalor 02:29
5. Code of Silence 02:02
6. Gowanus Death Stomp 02:30
7. Streets of Destitution 02:04
8. Make (One's) Bones 01:40
9. Crown of Tar 03:17
10. Thirty Caliber Pesticide 02:40
11. The Third Rail 01:52
12. Mortsafe (Resurrection Men) 02:22
13. Lupara Bianca 02:34
14. Carried by Six 01:33
15. Vermin Victory 03:04
16. Enraged 01:44

The dark, seedy underworld of New York City once again emerges as the cityscape is tainted by sewage, crack smoke and the trade of flesh. The streets, once bustling with life, permeate with the grotesque and filth-ridden chaos of yesteryear. Among these harsh realities, within the walls of the dimly lit alley ways, a stench reeks of bodily fluids and rat feces.

On the subway platforms, desperate souls engage in random acts of violence on one another over a few measly bucks. The East River runs a sickly green and the city's hue mirrors the shadows cast by these illicit endeavors. Amid this unsettling somber reality a soundscape to capture the horror is now realized in the form of Gravesend's second album.

The new album ‘Gowanus Death Stomp’ compounds the cruelty displayed on 2021 debut ‘Methods of Human Disposal’ into an ever more gritty and primal barrage of violence. At the crossroads of criminal depravity and urban malaise Gravesend utilize many tools of the trade. Black / Death / Grind / War Metal all meld seamlessly into a tar pit of scathing back-alley sadism and acid-tongued vocals.

Like a newly found corpse down by the docks, the smell of decomp is wafting out of every track on ‘Gowanus Death Stomp’. And as with NYC’s underground legends from Cro-Mags to Swans to Type O Negative, Gravesend embodies the pulse of the city, even as that pulse bleeds out on the concrete.