Weeping - In Devotion To Dominance cassette

Weeping - In Devotion To Dominance cassette

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1. Fiend 01:44
2. Inhaling The Remnants Of The Opposition 01:15
3. Disposal Of The Previous Incarnation (feat.Bodybox) 01:29

WEEPING - "In Devotion To Dominance" (FSI-037 / BB-032)

Frozen Screams Imprint + Barbaric Brutality come together like Voltron for a surprise drop of the pulverizing new EP, "In Devotion To Dominance." This is our third release with the band following their previous EP "Ethereal Suffering in the Light of God" + 2 presses of their demo.

Weeping clawed their way out of New Jersey back in late 2020 + in a very short period of time have firmly established their own lane. They are one of the heaviest bands I have ever heard in my life. Usually I use this space to write stuff about the release, but I'm having a hard time finding the words to describe these 3 songs. Take my word for it -- it doesn't get heavier than this. And fasten that goddamn seatbelt because this is one rollercoaster drop of an EP. Clocking in at less than 5 minutes, it is a brief but intense experience that left us no choice but to put it on tape.

So I partnered up w/ Barbaric Brutality, a label I admire + wanted to work with for some time, for this special release. Stewart Cole returns with another masterpiece for the cover art (flags also available). Night Shift blessed us with some sick longsleeves, and the release also features a guest vocal appearance by Harrison Brown of BODYBOX. Produced + engineered once again by Hunter Young + Brandan Lopez at The Swamp Sound. Many forces came together to make this release happen + we hope you enjoy it.

By the way, you would be wise to listen to the tape all the way through, even if it seems like it's over . . . there might just be something waiting for you at the end . . .