VHS - I Heard They Suck...Blood CD

VHS - I Heard They Suck...Blood CD

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1. Vampiric Hemoglobin Suckers 01:03
2. Fake Blood and Push-Up Bras (Feat. Trevor Strnad) 02:06 video
3. The Frog Brothers 02:13
4. Undead Casanova 03:04 video
5. Horror of Dracula (Feat. Trevor Strnad) 03:43
6. A Town Called Purgatory 03:09
7. Immortality Comes With a Price (Feat. Dave Ingram) 02:20
8. Martin, Martin 03:25
9. I'm Sorry Abby 03:32
10. Getting the Gang Back Together 03:43
11. Black Mass (Outro) 03:43

Put on your leather jacket and sharpen your wooden stakes, because Canadian death ‘n’ roll blood-spillers VHS are back with a new LP of gory horror-inspired heaviness.

Formed in 2015, the trio has spent 6 years writing songs paying homage to cult flicks and the golden era of video tapes. Now VHS plunge their fangs into vampire films with a collection of nocturnal anthems called "I Heard They Suck...Blood." With songs based on vamp classics like The Lost Boys and Near Dark, the album will thrill death metal and horror fanatics alike. They even welcome their fiendish friends Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder) and Dave Ingram (Benediction) into the coven for guest vocal appearances. Black metal has monopolized vampire concept albums for far too long. These Canadian degenerate death punks are ready to seize the night.

“There's something romantic about black metal albums about vampires,” says vocalist/guitarist Mike Hochins. “Our album is more like the vampire who drinks the blood of a drunk metalhead and just wants to listen to riffs and headbang all night. We wanted to show off a grittier and less whimsical vampire-themed album. It's dark, cheesy and definitely a different take on vampires. Don't expect us to wear poofy shirts and wear top hats any time soon.”

While VHS mainly drinks their lifeforce from the rotten arteries of death metal, Hochins isn’t shy about their splatter of influences. "I Heard They Suck...Blood" is a feeding frenzy of riffs. Part Exhumed and Carcass, part KISS and AC/DC. Pungent Stench with a dash of skate punk. VHS leave genre conventions to the flicks they watch, not their own music.

“Are we a death metal band? A grindcore band? A thrash band? I don't even know the answer to that,” Hochins admits. “We just write whatever we want and have been all over the place stylistically. We have been compared to a more punk-sounding Impetigo. And we certainly took a lot of influence from some of the early days of Razorback Records with bands like Frightmare, Blood Freak and Ghoul.”

"I Heard They Suck...Blood" will spread its bat wings on December 3rd. Wise Blood Records will release the album digitally and on CD/Cassette formats. To paraphrase Bram Stoker’s Dracula, “The children of the night, what sick music they make.”