Undergang -  Misantropologi CD

Undergang - Misantropologi CD

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1. Efter obduktionen 03:10
2. Sygelige nydelser (Del I) Apotemnofili 01:13
3. Klynget op i en galge af egne indvolde 02:09
4. Skåret i småstykker 04:13
5. Lymfatisk drænage 02:28
6. En bedemands bekendelser 03:04
7. Væskende sår 02:30
8. Sygelige nydelser (Del II) Tafefili 01:24
9. Tvangsfodret pigtråd 04:48
10. The Chasm (Disgrace tribute) 02:36

Since 2008, Denmark’s UNDERGANG have been pursuing the deepest, darkest depths of total DEATH METAL. Steeped in the classics, the quartet aren’t so much “old school” like so many HM-2 worshippers nowadays as they are simply old-sounding, brazenly brandishing a sound that nods to early Finnish death metal, slimy doom-death as equally as timeless goregrind. It’s a sound that’s garnered the band a legion of devotees across the world, and justifiably so.

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