Terminal Nation - Holocene Extinction 12”

Terminal Nation - Holocene Extinction 12”

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1. Cognitive Dissonance 02:58
2. Arsenic Death 01:55
3. Holocene Extinction 02:43
4. Master Plan 01:51
5. Revenge 02:56
6. Thirst To Burn 00:30
7. Orange Bottle Prison 03:21
8. Leather Envy 01:18
9. Expired Utopia 04:22
10. Death For Profit 03:13
11. Caskets Of The Poor 01:38
12. Disciple Of Deceit 03:21
13. Age Of Turmoil 04:22

America is a tinderbox. Lockdowns, pandemic, police brutality, kleptocracy, the orange menace. The injustice system is alive and well. Since day one Terminal Nation has been shining a light on it all through their crushing music, point blank lyrics, merch and media, lashing out at institutional corruption and racist power structures. And not from a liberal coastal enclave where it’s a generally welcome message but from Deep Red Arkansas.

Now with the new album ‘Holocene Extinction’ at hand, Terminal Nation return at a pivotal moment, where lines are being drawn and the possibilities of compromise are going up in smoke. Like fuel to the fires of dissent the band’s brutally heavy amalgam of metallic hardcore, death metal and powerviolence eviscerates with unforgiving sincerity the recognizable and the insidious forces propping up the White Supremacy machine.

Events are moving fast now, the dominoes are falling and everyday it’s more apparent a reckoning is at hand. War is upon us and a ‘Holocene Extinction’ is a likely outcome, because you cannot save a world that refuses to be saved…