Olkoth - At The Eye Of Chaos Cassette

Olkoth - At The Eye Of Chaos Cassette

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1. Alhazred 04:26
2. Incendiary Prayer 03:58
3. The Resurrectionist 03:41
4. Thousand Faced Moon 04:21
5. To Eat Of The Lotus 05:24
6. Eidolon In The Flames 04:31
7. Lords Of The Kali Yuga 03:20
8. At The Eye Of Chaos 05:19

Olkoth finally unleashes its first full length album, a deadly, ferocious death metal formula taking the lesson of Nile and Hate Eternal and bringing it even further.
Immerse yourself in this perfect blend of fury and atmosphere!

Formed in 2016 by Zach Jeter (also in Imperivm and Lecherous Nocturne) and Vance Jeffcoat (RIP 1981-2017) in Columbia, SC; Olkoth set out to create a unique and brutal blend of death and black metal. The band's music and themes take inspiration from the occult, horror, mythology, and corruption throughout history. In 2020, the band returned with a new lineup to produce new music true to it's brutal and blackened roots. With a debut full-length out soon and subsequent tour plans, Olkoth is set to return stronger than ever!

For fans of Nile, Hate Eternal, Hideous Divinity, Vitriol.

Released May 26, 2023