Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers 12”

Nihilist - Carnal Leftovers 12”

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1. Sentenced To Death

2. Supposed To Rot

3. Carnal Leftovers

4. Abnormally Deceased

5. Revel In Flesh

6. Face of Evil

7. Severe Burns

8. When Life Has Ceased

9. Morbid Devourment

10. Radiation Sickness

11. Face of Evil

12. But Life Goes On

13. Shreds of Flesh

14. The Truth Beyond

Pioneers of Swedish death metal, Nihilist integrated the blunt rhythmic immediacy and dissented attitude of hardcore punk into primal and raging death metal with an inclination toward speed metal acceleration. Existing for only two years before reinventing themselves as Entombed, Nihilist laid a regional foundation of musical savagery upon which would prosper a richly prolific and substantial movement enjoying its most active and essential moment during the early 1990s. On the strength of three formidable demos, this band established well deserved notoriety in underground tape trading circles of the time, as nothing this individual and savage had previously emerged from Sweden to claim significant notice among the international underground metal scene after Bathory’s establishment. In effect, the landscape of the underground metal movement was forever altered, as soon after Nihilist’s formation and subsequent disbanding and reforming as Entombed to release the legendary Left Hand Path album in 1990, Stockholm, Sweden became the only true rival to Tampa, Florida’s domination as death metal breeding ground, with acts such as Dismember, Unleashed, Grave, and Therion joining Entombed in leading a fertile movement of death metal activity in their homeland.