Nattmaran - The Lurking Evil CD

Nattmaran - The Lurking Evil CD

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1. Beauty in Chaos 02:31
2. Runaway 03:11
3. Descending Through the Darkness 03:40
4. Imprisoned 03:36
5. Die You Will 02:58
6. Die By My Bullets 03:23
7. Necromancy 04:04
8. Hellbound 03:43
9. Prey For Redemption 03:31
10. There's Nothing You Can See 03:25
11. When the Night is Mine 03:18

Nattmaran might be an old Swedish word for “nightmare,” but the band’s upcoming debut is a dream come true for fans of extreme metal’s golden age. Originally formed as Unholy Tenebris, the black metal project was a collaboration between Swedish shredder Michael Lang and Indonesian vocalist Yoga Beges. But the duo noticed the songs were drifting away from black metal, and closer to the harsh thrash that emerged from the shadows of NWOBHM in the early ‘80s. After meeting at a metal festival in Jakarta, Beges recruited the percussive talents of Japanese drummer Koji Sawada. With their intercontinental powers combined, they renamed the band Nattmaran in 2020.

Nattmaran embrace what Lang calls “straight up, in-your-face old school metal” on their debut LP, The Lurking Evil. The result is a battering ram of blackened speed and devilish rock ‘n’ roll that will spawn smiles for even the grimmest thrashers.

“We are inspired by the old gods like Motörhead, Venom, Celtic Frost, and Bathory,” lists Lang. “But also newer bands like Midnight, Butcher, and Toxic Holocaust. My black metal background is an influential element, as well.”

The Lurking Evil begins with a spark and a sizzle, and that fire rages until the very last note. Nattmaran pack the album with solos and six-string spellcasting. The hooks are bewitching and reek of sweat and black leather. The song lyrics are a hellscape of serial killers, burning witches, and demonic imagery. Like the slyly self-aware album cover suggests, The Lurking Evil is a throwback to when heavy metal was every parent’s worst nightmare.

Wise Blood Records will release the album digitally and on CD/Cassette formats on September 3rd. Don’t sleep on this release; it’s a heavy metal nightmare you’ll want to have over and over.