Hot Graves - Plaguewielder CD

Hot Graves - Plaguewielder CD

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1. Flashing Madness ov Death 02:31

2. Infinite Glimmering Chasm
3. Temple Compromised
4. Talk to Me
5. Black Thorn and Blood
6. Baptized in Brimstone
7. View from the Gallows
8. Throne ov the Morning Star
9. Structural Violence
10. Necrodudial Blasphemer
11. Plaguewielder

The latest (and last) album from HOT GRAVES.

The 3rd and final album from Florida's HOT GRAVES. Featuring 11 tracks of blackened death/thrash metal madness! With members from Wharflurch, Plasmodulated, and The Absence, and guest vocals by the late Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder.

CD version limited to 100x

  • 3-panel fold-out insert
  • Contains lyrics/credits
  • Silkscreened disc
  • Pro-CD (no CDr BS!)
  • White opaque tray
  • Shrink-wrapped

FFO: Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, Midnight, Nunslaughter, Incubus

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