Hatred Surge - Human Overdose 12”

Hatred Surge - Human Overdose 12”

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1. Figurehead 03:17
2. Psychonaut 03:55
3. Hierarchy 01:06
4. Inoculation 01:09
5. Body 00:44
6. Four Walls 00:59
7. Skinjob 01:26
8. Suicide Mission 01:03
9. Delta Nine 01:50
10. God Complex 02:13
11. Jacob's Ladder 01:05
12. Human Overdose 02:39

HATRED SURGE - Human Overdose LP (LUNGS-041)

HATRED SURGE had been around for a while but only released an LP when it is truly ready. Now after nearly 10 years of being out of print, "Human Overdose" is back and with retouched artwork (still featuring all the things you liked from before but now way sicker looking). During the session, Alex described this recording to us as "a rhino on PCP" and we cannot disagree. This back to basics 3 piece phase (which ended up being the final and best lineup of the band) of HS saw a more apparent death metal influence but still retained the "grinding violence" stylings they were known (and loved) for. Make no mistake, this LP still smashes you.

500 copies on hi-liter neon yellow vinyl housed in a retouched 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert and download code included. Recorded by Travis Bonner. Art by Daniel Shaw and Jack Barfield. Originally released in 2013, this is the 2022 version. Hell yeah.