Ghoul - Transmission Zero CD

Ghoul - Transmission Zero CD

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1. The Lunatic Hour 04:06
2. Off With Their Heads 03:15
3. Destructor 03:04
4. Death in the Swamp 01:33
5. The Mark of Voodoo 02:52
6. Brain Jerk 04:29
7. Blood Feast 03:43
8. Morning of the Mezmetron 08:17
9. Transmission Zero 03:28
10. Tooth and Claw 02:27
11. Metallicus Ex Mortis 02:30

How to enjoy this album -

Pour yourself a glass of Pepto Bismol. Put the record on the turntable and turn it on. No, not that button! Yes, that one. Good. Sit down in a comfortable chair, take a sip of Pepto Bismol, close your eyes, and visualize the scene.

A small village, trapped between a towering mountain range and a deadly swamp; a massive cemetery filled with crumbling, time-worn tombs and riddled with maze-like catacombs, and a pathetic populace crushed under the unmerciful boot-heel of an oppressive dictator.

The sounds are those of thousands of people screaming in terror as they're hunted down and slaughtered by axe-wielding maniacs, or used as test subjects in ill-conceived mind-control experiments by their own unscrupulous government. All the while, a band is blaring forth at breakneck speeds, defying the laws of physics, music theory, good taste, and etiquette. For this is Creepsylvania, the most horrifying place on Earth or beyond. Get the picture? Enjoy.