Christian Death - the Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 1: The Renaissance 4xCD

Christian Death - the Dark Age Renaissance Collection Part 1: The Renaissance 4xCD

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Catastrophe Ballet
1-1 Beneath His Window
1-2 Awake At The Wall
1-3 Sleepwalk
1-4 The Drowning
1-5 The Blue Hour
1-6 As Evening Falls
1-7 Androgynous Noise Hand Permeates
1-8 Electra Descending
1-9 Cervix Couch
1-10 The Glass House
1-11 The Fleeing Somnabulist

2-1 Ashes
2-2 Ashes Part 2
2-3 When I Was Bed
2-4 Lament (Over The Shadows)
Producer – Eric Westfall
2-5 Face
2-6 The Luxury Of Tears
2-7 Of The Wound

3-1 Will-O-The Wisp
3-2 Tales Of Innocence
3-3 Strapping Me Down
3-4 The Danzig Waltz
3-5 Chimere De-Ci De-La
3-6 Silent Thunder
3-7 Strange Fortune
3-8 Ventriloquist
3-9 Gloomy Sunday
Lyrics By, Music By – R. Series*, S. Lewis*
3-10 The Death Of Josef

The Scriptures
4-1 Prelude
4-2 Song Of Songs
4-3 Vanity
4-4 Four Horsemen
4-5 Omega Dawn
4-6 A Ringing In Their Ears
4-7 Golden Age
4-8 Alpha Sunset
4-9 Spilt Blood
4-10 Raw War
4-11 Reflection (Of The First Sesom Fo Koob)
4-12 Jezebel's Tribulations
4-13 Wraeththu

4 CDS in Jewel case with 24-page booklet including all lyrics. CHRISTIAN DEATH are the definitive death rock band and a pillar of Gothic music. 'The Dark Age Renaissance Collection, Part 1, The Renaissance' combines four of their early genre-defining early recordings. This special set pulls together their classic albums, featuring both Rozz Williams and Valor Kand - ‘Catastrophe Ballet’ (1984) and ‘Ashes’ (1985), plus the highly influential ‘Atrocities’ (1986) and ‘The Scriptures’ (1987). This limited and specially-priced package of provocative dark music is a time capsule of a band far ahead if its time, and one whose legacy of influence casts a shadow so many decades later.