Blatz / Filth - The Shit Split 12”
Blatz / Filth - The Shit Split 12”
Blatz / Filth - The Shit Split 12”
Blatz / Filth - The Shit Split 12”

Blatz / Filth - The Shit Split 12”

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1. Blatz - Homemade Speed
2. Blatz - Lullabye / Chuck
3. Blatz - Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It)
4. Blatz - Cockroach Cafe / California
5. Blatz - Dolly
6. Blatz - Untitled
7. Blatz - Fuk Shit Up
8. Filth - The List
9. Filth - You Are Shit
10. Filth - Night Of Rage
11. Filth - Filth
12. Filth - Violence As A Solution
13. Filth - Scarred For Life
14. Filth - Banned From The Pubs

Originally released in 1991 by Lookout! Records, the Shit Split reached many a punk rocker, inspiring a legion of kids to fuck shit up! Blatz and Filth exploded out of the East Bay scene at 924 Gilman Street, home to Operation Ivy, Green Day, Crimpshrine, Rancid, Jawbreaker, and hundreds more. Blatz (featuring members of The Gr'ups, The Criminals, The Frisk, Dead and Gone, Cypher In The Snow, and Subincision) took a raucous, slightly more melodic sound mashed with hair-raising female/male vocals, while Filth (formed out of the ashes of Isocracy & The Vagrants) featured razor-gargling vocals over super punk guitars.

Both bands lived the life of chaos and disorder, getting arrested for nakedness or being assaulted by brick-wielding suburban tweakers. Somehow, in the studio, the two groups harnessed the destructive power of their live shows (and lives), producing a classic slab of pure East Bay punk fucking rock! The LP contains the original version of the Shit Split: eight songs from Blatz, including their signature "Fuk Shit Up" and a cover of Fear's "I Don't Care About You," and seven songs from Filth, including "Scarred for Life" and their version of Peter and the Test Tube Babies' classic "Banned from the Pubs."